Publications & Lectures                                          Addington, Luke. "18th Century French Marquetry." Metal Arts Village, Tucson, Arizona. 28 September, 2015. Demonstration & Lecture. 

Addington & Lejeune, "The Art of French Polishing: Part I" Furniture & Cabinetmaking #246, July 2016

Addington & Lejeune, "The Art of French Polishing: Part II" Furniture & Cabinetmaking #247, August 2016

Addington, Luke. "18th Century French Marquetry." Alliance Française de Tucson, Tucson, Arizona. 12 November, 2016. Demonstration & Lecture. 



I am a cabinetmaker & furniture conservator in private practice in Tucson, Arizona. I specialize in period furniture recreations, furniture restoration & conservation, traditional woodworking methods, hand-cut joinery, and French marquetry. I am a member of The Society of American Period Furniture Makers, a fine furniture instructor, and a graduate of The American School of French Marquetry where I trained under William Patrick Edwards and Patrice Lejeune. In 2017 I became an associate member of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC). All restoration & conservation work is performed in adherence to the Code of Ethics & Guidelines for Practice established by the AIC. 

I teach and recreate the processes used in the 17th-19th centuries to ensure that the spirit of the original work done in that time period is captured. My field of study includes carving, turning, gilding, marquetry, French polishing, finishing, veneering, joinery, restoration, conservation, consultation, and design. In addition to period pieces I have also designed and created a number of modern works. I have a deep love for furniture & the way it is made. I enjoy sharing this passion for furniture with students both in group and private lessons. 

If you have any questions regarding a piece, an inquiry about lessons, or would like your woodworking questions answered please contact me at any time. 

-Luke Addington

Patrice Lejeune, myself, and Patrick Edwards